Blue Mountains Counselling for Men

Blue Mountains Counselling for Men

For Men and their Families

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Why come and see us?

  • When life gets tough and options seem limited, wellbeing and relationships can suffer. Many of us feel lacking in relational and communication skills when confronted with all the upheavals of life. These might include marriage strife, conflict with children, relatives and friends, work issues, mental health concerns like depression and anxiety, sexual concerns, alcohol and other drugs, intimacy worries, anger management or just orienting ourselves towards the future.
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    At these times it is important to resource yourself. Access confidential, unbiased and balanced support from qualified and experienced therapists. Invest in your well-being and learn new strategies to work through conflict, manage stress and anxiety, process anger and other intense feelings and create a better and more harmonious life. You may not want to impose on family and friends, but you don’t have to do it alone.

How does it work?

  • In our non-medicalised approach, we do not pathologise your life. No Medicare or fund rebates, but no reports to insurance companies or doctors. No referrals required and sessions are usually available promptly.
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    For some, a few sessions will sort out a particular problem. Others may find that longer-term psychotherapy, with its interest in the unconscious and dreams, to be a good way to deal with seemingly intractable and recurring issues of life. End Groundhog Day! With couples and family therapy a few longer (90 minutes) and more widely spaced sessions allow us to hear all sides of the situation and create useable strategies, and then assess and refine them.

About Us

  • Shahida Jobling – practicing psychotherapist and counsellor: “I have dedicated myself to assisting men to find ways to be good men in a difficult, unstable and often overwhelming world, where old certainties dissolve and relationships may be difficult to maintain just when we need them most”.
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    Shahida has been involved and interested in men’s business for over thirty years. He has been running a successful private practice as a psychotherapist and counsellor in the Blue Mountains community for sixteen years. Professional Associations: Member (and past president) of the Institute for Clinical Psychotherapy.

For Women

"In supporting men, I am not in any way doing this by advocating aggression or dismissiveness towards women".
Shahida Jobling - BMCFM

PH: 0428 165 487